Colloidal Silver

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Have you tried Colloidal Silver yet?

There are many health benefits to using colloidal silver but the nicest explanation I have ever heard is that it makes your body toxic to the bad bugs and they die and the good bugs thrive on it!!
Meaning your immune system does not need to do much, which can be a good thing, a lot of the time!!
Get your 500ml Amber Plastic refill bottle for only £18.95
inc UK delivery.

Delivery: Economy Royal Mail 3 to 4 days for the UK.

ukcolloidal silver

UK Coloidal Silver

Specialist Supplements

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Specialist Supplements Ltd, Your number one choice for quality health foods and supplements.

They are a proud supplier of quality organic and non-organic health foods, food supplements, vitamins,
minerals and herbal formulations to customers across the world.
We are based in the United Kingdom and have been trading since 1995.

Specialist Supplements Ltd

Hemp Protein Powder

Order hot line: 0845 094 3627
My distributer id is:- 5508253e585d0

Selecticting the Hemp Protein Powder will add the
item to the shoping cart.

We can supply to you...

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We can supply to you...

We are ordering all the time and can add your order to ours.

As long as your orders are placed and paid for by the 20th of each month your order will join with ours.

Delivery is included for Royal Mail 2 to 3 day standard service.

Want us to order for you? then give Kevin a call today on 01202 640264.

 1Kg L-Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C
Pharmaceutical Grade


L-Ascrobic Acid Vitamin C 1KG
L-Arginine Plus
A most effective supplement
More information by clicking here.
New with Astragin
New for 2016. AstraGin helps the absorption rate of the amino acid L-arginine by 66%. After extensive testing from NuLiv Sciences.
L-Arginine Plus from Qplus Health
Prime Directive from Safe Remedies
Each of the organic whole foods in Prime Directive have been carefully grown and individually selected for its powerhouse of nutrients. Nature’s wisdom provides naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, anti-oxidants and many other nutrients in these foods.
Prime diecctive from Safe Remedies
 KTC Coconut Oil 500ML from Shop Spicy


Anti-Aging Systems

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Anti-Aging Systems - tomorrows treatments today

Since 1991 International Antiaging Systems (IAS) has been producing articles, magazines and conferences to promote and educate the population on how to maintain optimal health as they age. We also supply hard to obtain medicines, nutritional supplements and bio identical hormones to make these theories and methods a reality.

The products are priced in USD and we order form them once a month aound the 20th.
We can order these products on your behalf for an aditional £1 each.
Once you have selected your products and we have received payment your order will join with ours.
UK postage is an extra charge from £3.50.

The Finchley Clinic

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The Finchley Clinic is primarily a treatment centre run by Mark G. Lester offering Oxygen / Ozone Therapy, Bowen Technique & VHT, The Rife Machine, Electro-Crystal Therapy and Nutritional therapy.

They also carry a range of alternative health products for most health issues, the most popular being Threelac, Oxy-Powder and Oxygen Elements Plus

Aerobic Oxygen was the first product I ordered from these guys and I still order it from them today.

My Distributor ID is : 194

Freephone Orderline: 0800 2800 486 or 0118 969 1402
Int'l: +44 (0)118 969 1402
Advice Line 0871 231 7399

Ogygen products have a real, quick, beneficial impact on your system.
Without oxygen we dont get to keep going for long. So it is very interesting when you can get oxygen into your system through the digestive tract.

Of course the products have moved on from when I started and if you are not keen on breathing exercises, or yogic breathing techniques then these are are a really good starting point.

Cytoplan - Food State and Wholefood Minerals & Vitamins

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Food State Minerals & Vitamins from Cytoplan.

In sports, the need for quality nutrition for optimum performance is clearly understood, that's why we recommend the best from Cytoplan.
Cytoplan Distributor ID DK0019

Although we can all help ourselves with a well balanced diet, when that is not enou
gh there are supplements to hel
p us regain our zest for life or maintain health for ourselves and our family.

Are all supplements equal? Well Food state means they are more readily available to our body, the produce has been grown and nurtured in a Mineral and Vitamin rich envrionment.

The end result is that they help bridge the nutrition gap.

Free Delivery on orders over £25
My distributor ID is DK0019.

Priority order line 01684 310099.

And FREE Delivery with orders over £25.

They also offer an excellent web chat service.

What is Food State supplements?

Many food supplement companies use synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients just to keep their costs down.
We then think we are taking supplements and that should be all right, right? wrong...
The problem is that the nutrient found in nature is isolated from the food part. Synthetically reproduced, then added to so that it can be made into a tablet or capsule.
Clever nature adds co-factors (co-enzymes), a wrapper if you like, so that our bodies recognise the nutrient and help our body absorb and utilise it. We explain that as greater bio-availability.
If in doubt, just read the label. With non plant based supplements there will be big long names that you will need a phd in something to understand.
With greater bio-availability supplements are more easily absorbed through the digestive system and readily utilised. The co-factors of the food state minerals and vitamins ensure that the nutrients get to the right place where they are needed the most.
But I eat well, surely I would get all I need from my food?
well maybe... but probably not and here's why...
There is a book produced by McCance and Widdowsons for Public Health England called 'The Composition of Foods'. The latest edition is readily available from Amazon.
In it are details of the mineral and vitamin content of our foods. It gets disturbing when you compare today's edition to a 1950's one and the grim facts materialise that there is now a 60% to 70% depletion of mineral and vitamins from our food.
You need to look elsewhere as to why that should be and in the meantime, to get your levels back up to normal there are supplements.

Nature's Sunshine

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In sports, the need for quality nutrition for optimum performance is clearly understood,
that's why we
Nature's Sunshine distributer ID 402381
recommend the best from Nature's Sunshine.

Although we can all help ourselves with a well balanced diet, when that is not enough there are supplements to help us regain our zest for life or maintain health for ourselves and our family.

Nature's Sunshine Distributor ID 402381.

Priority telephone order line: 01952 671 600

Also available from my web shop at

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