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Introductory Offer

Do you really want to know what is going on inside..?

Most times I ask this question the answer is, as you would expect
'No, not really...' 
Until the question falls upon those of us who are currently having to 
put up with poor health, feeling out of sorts with low vitality 
with the ever growing list of symptoms, that never seems to end...
Then the answer is 'How soon can I get checked out...'

Usual price is £48, Offer price is £35.
Saving you £18!!

But that's not all...

I need your help as well.
Firstly you you will need to download and 
print out the postcard at the bottom of the page
and have that with you to qualify for this fantastic offer.
Secondly tell your friends about us, use the electronic version 
of the postcard and be the first of your friends to like us on Facebook.

To take advantage of this amazing offer,
If you can complete these two tasks then this offer is for you. 
So don't delay,
Call  Kevin today on 01202 640264
to book your appointment making sure
you also ask about the introductory offer.

Our vision to be recognised as the first choice in affordable, innovative and drug free technology.

Please allow up to half an hour for each appointment.
Home visits are available at the same incredible price.

Kevin Davies,
Jun 24, 2014, 7:00 AM
Kevin Davies,
Sep 16, 2014, 4:24 AM