Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatments for diseases.
Treatments help to normalise the bio chemical and bio electrical processes
both within and outside your bodies cells, accelerating the healing processes.

Computer controlled Rife machine Plasma tube with amplifier
 Three modes of transmission
Plasma – Contact – Remote
An international, multidisciplinary team, over the last several years have succeeded in making a computer controlled modular Rife machine that offers a bio feedback scanner and three modes of frequency transmission, Plasma, Remote and Contact.

Working with experimental technology research known as Rife machines is an investment into the best computer controlled modular RIFE system in the world. 
The Plasma tube transmits without wasting energy on a carrier wave.
The Remote is a Scalar wave generator using DNA samples.
Contact is with hand held rods or pads held to your body for greater convenience.

Rife machine remote
The Remote is a scalar wave generator and your DNA acts like an antenna that allows for processes to be run one at a time in sequence or at the same time in parallel on separate generators. 

Remote 10 week program £180.

When time is not on your side, the mini rig offers the best value as their are four generators increasing the number of possible treatment protocols to four that can be run in parallel.

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Rife Health Club
Now open for new clients
Annual Memberships £35
Rife Health Club

In the 1930's Dr Royal Rife, a genius of his time, proved that pathogens could be destroyed without
MOR of Rife machine
damaging their host by using specific frequencies.

This work was built on by Dr Hulda Clark and Dr Bob Beck. 

Scan and Zap £48 available
in the Bournemouth and Poole areas.

Resonance Initiated Frequency Response
Rife Health Club

RIFE Health Club Annual Memberships £35
Membership gives you more choices and savings

Session Discounts, More Treatment options,  Flexible Stop / Start
Strengthening Protocols,  Support Protocols

Sessions from £35 for ten week programs booked and paid for in advance.

Monthly Maintenance:
Monthly maintenance sessions from £24.80
One contact session a month with two weeks Remote detox and cleanse.

Kevin Davies,
Mar 26, 2016, 7:18 AM
Kevin Davies,
Mar 26, 2016, 7:16 AM