New products update

Two new to the UK products with media packs.

We all know the benefits of keeping our body’s systems in harmony and balance.

We describe that as good health and enjoy lively vitality with radiant health. For
some of us our body’s are so strong we don’t have to think about it, and for those
that have to work hard at it, we can resort to supplements and technology.

We know the benefits of using adaptive neuro stimulation on our body’s with the
pioneering devices by SCENAR, AcuScen, COMODIC and DENAS, we understand
how to strengthen or balance energy deficiencies as the seasons change during
the year and with changes to our health.

The gentle stimulation at body familiar frequencies brings about fantastic results
and keeps the body in good condition.

Well now we have a device to measure what’s going on inside by holding a rod and
another device to bring about those changes by radiating those beneficial frequencies
through the air.

Non Invasive testing with your Express Health Check

Every second millions of cells in our bodies die. As each cell dies there is an electro
magnetic signature generated we are able to read by holding a rod.

And those clever Chinese have done all the hard work of tying that into our health.

In just under a minute we can read over 200 health markers enabling us to know
exactly what's going on inside you.

The reports available immediately can also be emailed to you.

For health matters, there is no better place to start than by having an
Express Health Check.

Device with software (Windows XP onwards) with
Express Health Check media pack license £650

Portable suitable for clinic or home use.

The same manufacturers went on to develop a field effect device to effectively promote
harmony and balance in the body, revitalising those tired limbs.

Field Effect Therapeutic Air Ioniser

Remember those days by the beach or close to a waterfall, how nice the air tasted, well
that’s the effects of negatively charged ions in the air. A positive charge is more like the
oppressive effect just before a thunder storm.

Well again those clever Chinese have made a device that generates a negatively charged,
electro static field, working at those body friendly frequencies we have learned from
SCENAR technology.

Our cells resonate to those frequencies setting up a cellular massage in our body promoting
proper cell function that gets us into an alkaline state fast.

Start with a twenty minute session to acclimatise and feel the beneficial effects of this ionising
body cleanse. Therapeutic protocols can also be followed.

The strength of the static field is enough to light up a fluorescent light bulb and the device
comes with its own field strength detector.

This is not to be confused with the effects associated with some laser printers or air purifiers.
They may emit an anion field but would not oscillate at those specific body friendly frequencies.

For clinics or practices this could also operate as a self service treatment just to feel more
energised, radiating health, rid themselves of aches and pains with improved bowel motions.
Alkalising their system by just lying down for 20mins listening to your favourite music in the

Device with mats for seats and couch with
Field Effect Therapeutic Air Ioniser media pack license £850.
Suitable for clinic or home use.

Both devices work hand in hand, measure, ionise, measure giving your clients amazing insights
to how their body works with a frequent monitoring service for them to achieve their health
management goals.

The price for both devices is £1,500 and would pay for themselves after three months with around
five clients a week.

I am offering a big discount when you order both devices together of £150.

I also wanted to get this information out to you as quickly as possible as this new technology can
help an awful lot of people. Now, I have not finished writing up the media pack for the body ioniser
so it is improper for me to charge you for that, so there is another saving of £150.

The offer to you if you place your order with me within the next thirty days I will let the two devices
go at this introductory offer price of £1,200. Saving you £300.
(Shipping charged at cost, While stocks last)

So if this is your time to add two new valuable services that fit hand in hand with a novel, informative
client experience, then place your order today by calling Kevin on 01202 640264.

Making good health a choice.

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Our vision to be recognised as the first choice in affordable, innovative and drug free technology

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