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Pre launch introductory price of £695

The MioScen is affordable, small, easy to use, and fits comfortably in the hand. Designed to help balance the flow of energy in the body, this next generation MioScen interacts with the body differently than previous SCENARs, and utilises some of the latest COSMODIC technology. The result is a much faster adaptive response and one that is felt more globally.

The MioScen has an improved waveform and elements from the COSMODIC technology, the next step in SCENAR technology, from Dr. Karasev of Let Medical.

The MioScen has some features of the latest COSMODIC, and can be considered as a bridge from SCENAR, AcuScen to COSMODIC.

The main difference of MioScen from AcuScen is the waveform has been modified in such a way as to more accurately reflect what the body sees as its own communication signal and has other elements from the latest COSMODIC technology.

The MioScen has 4 modes of operation with coloured led's and audible indicators.
en  energy, the light gets brighter as the signal gets stronger. Default constant mode.
M1 active 0.5 sec, inactive 0.5 sec, Used for cosmetic procedures, especially on the face and neck. For small muscles, blood vessels, skin improvement.
M2 active 2 sec, inactive 1 sec. Used for cosmetic procedures on chest , abdomen, buttocks and extremities. Improves micro circulation, reduces inflammation and swelling.
M3 active 3 sec, inactive 1 sec. Used for large muscle groups, paralysed muscles, muscle tonning, improved digestion on abdomen, muscle contraction.

The 'Dose' is signified when all the leds are green. The 'Dose' is different with MioScen in that it signifies almost the full completion of the local adaptive reaction, earlier devices signal when this reaction starts slowing down.

The MioScen is identical to the DOVE.

The price includes 18 months manufacturers warranty.

The MioScen is supplied in a small box containing the Manual and passport in English, 2 re-chargeable batteries, charger, adaptor, leather case.
The MioScen can also work work from the mains.

Training is available on both AcuScen and MioScen once a month in Bournemouth for £70.

Typically Friday mornings from 10 to 1pm. Other times / venues by request.

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Dec 8, 2009, 8:32 AM