• Product Promotion, going beyond seo.
  • Express Health Check, When you want to know what is going on,
    on the inside...
  • Adaptive Neuro Stimulation for fast, effective, drug free pain relief.

Website, product or service promotion that goes beyond simple seo that many internet promotion companies don't tell you about. 

Building a web presence is not just about your e-commerce site where your products can be bought. 

Its about your story, we can build on, that clients or customers relate to and constantly identify with, that produces the loyal customer base who are also able to effectively refer your products and services.

We all know word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool for any company, large or small, but how do you get there? Which strategy is right for my companies continued growth or survival?

From a long and successful career in computing and web technologies after suffering health challenges, I went on to learn a lot more, and about building a business, and about helping myself, and clients, with their health and continued wellbeing. 

The Express Health Check system allows practitioners to develop several income streams form new or existing clients while helping their clients experience a quick, non invasive way to understand, in non technical jargon how their body balance can be restored using nutrition as the guiding principles for prevention and health restoration. 

If you can get your body as good as it can be, symptoms can be less debilitating or disappear and places your body in the best possible place to cope with any future health challenge that may come your way.

By adopting a proactive approach to improving or understanding how your body consumes essential minerals and vital vitamins ensures you are only buying supplements your body currently needs and we recommend the best from Nature's Sunshine available from our web shop at nutricorner.co.uk

From our launch early 2012 we have helped family and friends in Dorset and Hampshire from Bridport to Lymington in the New Forest overcome health challenges from diabetes type II, severe chronic arthritis, chronic pain, weight loss, low energy, bloating and other numerous health conditions where medical solutions where ineffective or inappropriate.

If you have a clinic or are an established practitioner or just starting out and want an effective way to engage clients into bringing their bodies back into balance and you want to know how the Express Health Check can help then for further information please call or email me today at info@qplushealth.co.uk 

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