AcuScen Upgrade Offer

Upgrade your AcuScen Auto to an AcuScen Premium or Pro+ and get up to £100 off our list price when you trade in your AcuScen Auto.

With your new AcuScen you can perform a wider variety of treatments.

AcuScen comes packaged in a foam filled plastic case, with alcohol wipes, four rechargeable batteries, instructional dvd and manual with manufacturers 18 month warranty.

CE Mark

AcuScen is a class IIa Medical Device, certified with BSI and has the CE mark.


We even help take the pain out of paying... by accepting bank transfers or Credit Cards on line with Google Checkout or Paypal. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

AcuScen Relieves...

You already know how AcuScen relieves aches and pains, reduces swelling and inflammation, normalises function and metabolism, improves your general state: good sleep, good appetite, good mood. The positive effects of AcuScen on the whole body are legendary.

AcuScen Lifting removes “bags” under eyes, raise the tone and elasticity of blood vessels. This tightens and firms up muscles, reduces slackness and so restores a firmer shape and tone to the face, the contours of the face become well defined. (additional face probe needed) and all you ever need to feel is a gentle tingling sensation indicating a treatment is in progress.

AcuScen uses Bio-Feedback

AcuScen is the fourth generation of this type of technology that relieves pain and has distinct advantages over everything else available for this price.

AcuScen is adaptive, it continually reacts to what your body is doing, your body is trying to adapt and the AcuScen adapts to what your body is doing.
Dont get thinking about this too hard as it may bring on a headache.

AcuScen uses Bio-Feedback, that means it reads your body, with the Pro+ those readings are displayed on the front panel, continually updating.

There is a healing cycle for each treatment area, when that area has reached its optimum healing potential, its time to move on to the next area, with AcuScen this is broadcast by a double beep, in Auto mode you see the screen has filled up, with the Pro+ the current reaction number reaches zero.

All this and other complicated processes are completed so that operating the AcuScen is made very simple. All you feel is a gentle tingle during a session, most describe it as very relaxing.
The AcuScen lets you know when to move on to the next treatment areas, its not left to you or the skill of the practitioner to judge.
This also means for those that can treat themselves or have a willing partner, you can take advantage of our hire service and treat yourself and your family in the comfort of your own home.

AcuScen Three Modes

The AcuScen Premium has three modes of operation, Manual, Auto and DVAR.

In manual and DVAR mode you can experience the beneficial action of an AcuScen Massage by moving the AcuScen over the treatment area.

Three settings can be stored in memory for quick, convenient recall during a treatment session.

The AcuScen Premium has an additional DVAR mode for timed treatments or slow massage. The Frequency and Depth are continuously and automatically varied to enhance the treatment of cellulite and in reducing muscle pain. Relaxing and stimulating deeper levels, promotes better blood flow, getting vital oxygen to worn out cells and clears away toxins.

Muscle Memory Pain relief

When the underlying problem has been fixed but you still have the pain, this is known as muscle memory pain, with impaired range of motion, and subsequent loss of activity its more than just a nuisance, your mood is low as you are weary from dealing with pain all the time.

This can be alleviated over time with regular stretching exercises or more efficiently by using the AcuScen in DVAR mode and slowly massaging the painful area. Depending on whether its a recent or long term condition depends which frequency settings are used in manual mode.

Why clean your AcuScen?

Regular cleaning lowers the chance of bacterial infection. Bacteria lives on our skin and gets transferred to the AcuScen during treatment. When our systems are functioning properly harmful bacteria are killed off.
When your systems have been compromised and regular AcuScen treatments are needed the electrodes need to be cleaned before and after treatment.
With a compromised or weak immune system harmful bacteria have a greater opportunity to infect us while our defenses are low.

Alcohol wipes are a quick and easy way to keep the AcuScen clean and are readily available at your local chemists.


Get the most out of using your AcuScen. Update your skills, learn the latest protocols and current best practices to improve you or your clients experience to obtain quick and long lasting effects.
Gain a deeper understanding of how Bio-Feedback helps determine where, in the healing cycle your area under treatment is. Share ideas and materials to help promote your practice.
As an owner you get twenty pounds off our training sessions forever!

Free Brochure

For your Free brochure you can click here to download a pdf version or
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Frequently bought together

Frequently bought with AcuScen is the Face or Hair probe.
The face probe is for those small areas, and is ideal for facials, hands and use on children. The hair probe is for working over, as the name implies, hairy areas such as the head or for use on animals or pets.

Consult your Doctor

Although AcuSen is a complimentary therapy, that is, it works alongside other treatments, please consult with your Doctor or Healthcare Professional before starting treatment. You may need to alter prescriptions as treatment progresses.

As a holistic treatment with a whole body effect, AcuScen supports what your body does naturally, quickly and efficiently, without the need for drugs, without surgery and without having to do painful exercises.

Getting out of pain is one part of the process that AcuScen is a world leader at, an important step in any recovery plan as well as cultivating a positive attitude and using nutritional supplements to feed your body, help support the desired changes.

Shared stories

Share your stories so others may benefit form your experiences with AcuScen.

I had been house bound for over 8 months, I'd had a bad fall and torn a knee ligament. This meant that walking was too painful for me and I felt isolated as I could not get to see my friends. The doctors could do no more, the physio had done what they could and the most I could do, with a leg brace was get around inside. After one treatment with AcuScen, 'acupuncture without needles', the pain was gone and the next day I got on to the bus into Poole.

S.D, Poole.

I had pulled a muscle in my back and my physio had said I would not be able to play golf for at least twelve weeks. I had an AcuScen treatment on the Thursday and was back playing golf on the Monday.

M, Parkstone Golf Club, Poole.

Kevin Davies,
Jan 6, 2011, 1:29 AM
Kevin Davies,
Jan 5, 2011, 11:54 AM