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New 2015 Express Health Check

posted Jul 30, 2015, 3:03 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Jan 8, 2016, 1:33 AM ]

The Express Health Check is an excellent system of bio-analysis giving instant health insights to effectively engage with improving your health using nutrition.

In today's modern world, under performing body systems and organs can now be identified giving you the opportunity to help and support them. Levels of Essential Minerals and Vital Vitamins are viewed immediately in a quick and convenient way so you no longer need to wait for symptoms of depletion diseases to appear.
Express Health Check for immeditate health insights
Express Health Check is a portable system
This Bio Analysis device forms the basis of the popular service the Express Health Check and Version Three has just arrived with updated graphics, increased number of reports and more detail.

The familiar sturdy flight box looks good with all the components fitting nicely into my rucksack, making it ideal for a mobile service.

With USB cables to connect to my Win XP laptop computer, cd, software dongle and the rod.
By holding the rod, in just under a minute we can check over two hundred key health markers with the results available immediately.

All connected with the software loaded, the updated graphics are sharper, much more of a modern look and pleasing to the eye.

The check is quickly over with, all the results are saved into one zip archive, now to review the summary report as this highlights the most at risk systems and has expert guidance notes.

Express Health Check for instant health insights
Express Health Check Summary report
The reports available with the latest version are:-
Summary, Cardio, Gastro, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Kidney, Lungs, Brain Nerve, Bones, Bone Mineral Density, Rheumatoid Bone Disease, Blood Sugar, Basic Physical Qualities, Human Toxins, Trace Elements, Prostrate, Male Sexual Function, Skin,  Endocrine System, Immune System, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Bone Growth index, Eye, Heavy Metals, Allergy, CoEnzyme, Obesity, Collagen, Large Intestine, Thyroid, Channels and Collaterals, Pulse of Heart and Brain, Blood Lipids, Sperm, Gynecology, Breast, Menstrual Cycle and Element of Human. Depending if you are a male or female.

 The immense amount of detailed information makes for a good long read.

The reports now boast a much easier to read bar graph with the green area in the middle indicating what to aim for to bring your body back into balance.

Reports are available immediately
  One of the new reports that caught my eye is the Channels and Collaterals, more commonly known as the Meridian system.

Those familiar with Acupuncture, TCM or SuJok, will be familiar with the terms and from my work with 'Acupuncture without Needles'.

Stimulating these channels correctly with the Denas devices could be another effective way to bring about balance.
Express Health Check includes a new Meridian report

Express Health Check now able to compare reports
 Another handy feature is the ability to compare results from two reports.

In my private practice there is only so much information you can absorb during a session and over the years I have discovered the best reports to initially work through.

This is available to you for Free in my Practitioners Guide when you purchase your new Bio Analysis system.

As an added bonus, you also receive lifetime support by phone, email or skype as you enter the exciting field of Bio Magnetic Resonance.

Non invasive testing / analysis is not new, but innovations in technology are making it more accessible and simpler to use as we gain a better understanding of how are Light - Electro - Bio systems functions in a holistic way.

Bio Magnetic Resonance machines are being developed for testing and analysis for educational purposes only.

Express Health Check Practitioners Guide
Impressive results are achieved when we realise we are living with sub clinical health conditions
and putting up with poor health that stems from depleted minerals and vitamins.

These symptoms are quickly alleviated with the use of supplements at safe therapeutic levels
following guidelines as advised by Orthomolecular Medicine.
Big thanks to Andrew Saul and all those at DoctorYourSelf.com

With nutrition you can expect to feel the results in around three weeks.

So if you are feeling out of sorts or under par then why not treat yourself to an
Express Health Check and discover
what's really going on... on the inside...

Kevin Davies,
Jul 30, 2015, 3:37 AM