My 21 day challenge

    I had started to experiment with raw protein mixes towards the end of last year and recently tried Hemp protein and was pleasantly surprised, that after a week, to feel that I felt fuller for longer.

    I then ordered some Spirulena, Wheatgrass and some B Vitamin & Mineral complex. I already had L-Ascorbic Acid (Pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C) and Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking powder) and some Warrior Blend. (that I was not too keen on, I prefer a more earthier taste)

    To begin with I just had the Hemp protein mixed with water once or twice a day, sometimes mixed with Vit C and I found I was feeling fuller for longer and not especially hungry at meal times and started to skip them, even the evening meals and snacks after watching TV around 9pm became a memory.

    So I started to think what if I could do this for 21 days... How would I feel? Could I drop a Jean size...? All without feeling hungry or wanting to snack or feeling I have denied myself a lovely tasty meal...

    After some more experimentation and a bit of planning I now do some juicing, part fasting, part eating, all without those annoying hunger pangs that have destroyed previous weight management programmes. The best one was with NutriChef, very tasty and varied meals.

    I do have my drinks around the same times each day, with drinks of water in between and even when I forget, its no big deal.

    Then I compared some reports from the Express Health Check of two months ago. In the Amino Acids report they were all up, especially Arginine. Knowing a bit about what Arginine does for the circulatory system I checked that report out as well and my Vascular Elasticity was back into normal, reversing hardening of the Arteries.

    Now this I was very pleased about and set about giving myself an extreme 21 day challenge.

My challenge for the next 21 days is to:-
       do some juicing, part fasting, part eating
        with the desired outcome for weight loss.
         I also give myself permission to eat and drink when I feel I want to.

    And with a bit of luck should drop a jean size...

    I also understand to expect some slight headaches and tummy pangs as my body goes through some of these beneficial changes for weight loss.

Kevin Davies,
Jan 29, 2015, 3:07 AM