Your Home Therapy Kit
Acupuncture without Needles

Acupuncture without Needles is a safe, gentle, fast and drug free
way to stimulate your body to get out of pain.

Your home therapy kit comes with a complete set of attachments
and a choice of three devices from Denas. Entry level, Intermediate
and Advanced therapy devices offers the best flexibility of treatment
options making self treatment possible in the comfort of your own home.

At the moment my lower back hurts the most, difficult to reach but with the
stretchy strap and circular pad plugged in I was good to go for a twenty
minute treatment.

I have just received my entry level Denas 3 device with the full set of attachments and I must say I am 
Acupuncture without Needles Home Therapy Kit
impressed with the quality of
their new device and equipment.


Adaptive Neuro Stimulation is the key to keep those electronic pulses to continually relax muscles that promotes better blood flow
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation is the key
and rapidly releases those all important  'Feel Good' hormones that help you restart the recovery process.
Achieving amazing results every time.

Used by professi
onals, therapists and home users keen on sports
or for rehabilitation from chronic health conditions.

 No stranger to using Adaptive Neuro Stimulation based on the Scenar, RITM technologies, my first device was the AcuScen and I bought my first Denas a couple of years later, back in 2012, all still working today, producing amazing results.
Back then I did not think you could improve on the Denas offerings but they have, its safe, lightweight and a very comfortable fit in the hand.

In fact I am treating myself as I write this article, its a bit of a luxury to be
hands free and receiving a treatment. Moving around is also possible as the
circular pad is held comfortably in place with the black elasticated strap.

With this type of technology, with the device on and in contact
with your skin you are receiving a whole body treatment with
the effects felt immediately and lasting for several days.

The audible feedback is reassuring when you press a button. After turning
the Denas 3 on, select the time for a treatment, in this case twenty minutes
and then adjust the intensity until you  feel the gentle stimulation.

Then I looked at the manual, with clear pictures of the areas to treat, which
mode to use and length of treatment time, very easy to understand and
implement. It was only then I realised the manual was in Russian and that
helped explain some of the symbols on the device. A quick search on the
net, English manuals downloaded, all ready to go.

The Denas 3 is the entry level device for using attachments.  All I wanted was to be able to self treat by positioning pads on my back, the area that still hurts the most, I could think about upgrading the device later.
Acupuncture without Needles - Denas 3 Adaptive Neuro Stimulator

With three modes for treatment, its use is simplicity itself, the frequency of operation is on display along with a timer with the well known healing frequency of 77Hz selected when you switch the device on.

With a choice of three elasticated straps I chose the longest to wrap around my waist and with three body pads to chose from I picked the circular one.

With the pad in place and connected to the Denas 3.
I turned the device on, selected a twenty minute treatment time and adjusted the intensity to a comfortable level.

Adaptive Neuro Stimulation with googles
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation with footpad, Reflexology
I plan to also use the goggles for five minutes and the foot pad for fifteen minutes with an overall treatment time of forty minutes for this session.

The Denas 3 has three modes of operation, 77Hz, 1040Hz and Med. Pressing the mode button cycles through the modes. In general mode one is the most used, mode two for deep tissue, ligaments, knees, shoulders, elbows, buttocks and mode three is for toning or a Well Being treatment, gets those 'Feel Good' hormones going.

 There is also the familiar massage and hair attachments that come as standard in the pack, very effective when you follow the protocols to stimulate the meridians or Acupuncture trigger points.

With this type of technology you can do more if you know Acupuncture, Su Jok, Meridians, Reflexology or researched Bob Becks protocols or Hulda Clark's work.

These pads with the straps give you a convenient way to self treat large areas in the comfort of your own home, hands free.


Home Therapy Kit Massage attachments
 The two other  devices have more options to select from depending on the type
of treatment wanted.
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation for the back
With the PCM-3 with pre set programmes and High and L
ow frequency selection, means you can just treat without having
to learn the frequencies and timings first. The T3 with ten modes of operation
offers a versatile selection of options.
When you sele
ct a device to use bear in mind what  you want to use them for. Maximum flexibility
is with the top of the range advanced Denas
PCM 3, Spinal treatments, intermediate
Denas T3, entry level Denas 3, and the basic Lados.

The Denas 3 is the entry level device for use with attachments.
 All these devices come with a 24 month manufacturers warranty. Denas continually improve their technology with their last update in 2014.

As you experience and experiment with what this type of technology can do, you may want to consider an upgrade after a couple of years to their latest devices.

When you order from me at Q + Health you can be assured of prompt delivery with Life Time Support by phone, email or skype.

As an environmentally conscious company we only issue invoices on request.

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit the Bournemouth and Poole area
drop by and see the gadgets, maybe experience how you too can get out of pain.

These really do restart the self recovery process, 'Acupuncture with out Needles'.

Kevin Davies,
Aug 6, 2015, 2:44 AM