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Amazing Health Tech for the Health Check Extra

posted Jan 9, 2017, 6:25 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Jan 29, 2017, 1:36 AM ]
How technology can help when your
body needs more than just a helping hand.

Health Check Extra - Instant Health Insights and Treatments

Information from your brain  can now be decoded in such a way that
health screening, remedies and treatments can now be accomplished on the spot.

The safe, quick and convenient way to shine a light on diseases.

Where a bug and parasite cleanse takes only a few days longer...

 Welcome to the world of Frequency Medicine
where you no longer have to wait for your test results to eventually arrive...

Our mental capacity includes information about our physical body, all our systems are inter connected and now we can decode those signals to benefit us with better health.
Health Check Extra the Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 ideas stem from plants
   The ideas stem from studying  plants, (pardon the pun) how small magnetic fields measured in Angstroms can create measurable effects and recordings were made of their digital signatures.

  There are great concerns raised when telephone masts are erected close to where we live, we like the convenience of mobile phones but don’t like to think about the degenerative effect on our health.
Its another toxic load from the environment our bodies have to cope with.

But what if there are beneficial frequencies that we can actually use, safely!!

We know sound has an effect on our mood, just listen to your favourite music that 
makes you feel good.

Researchers have been working tirelessly on these aspects for generations, building 
on the ideas from Tesla, J Lakhovsky, Rife, Reinhold Voll, Bob Beck and Hulda Clark have 
all helped increase our understanding of how to use frequencies to reduce our 
bodies toxic load to improve our health.

  We know the frequencies that help us, that can entrain improvements, we know the mortal oscillation rates for bugs that harm us.

  The problem was how can we determine and introduce those frequencies into our body in a safe, quick and convenient way.
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 frequencies and waves

The work of Valdimir Nesterov and his team helps to solve this with their Non Linear Scanning (NLS) technology. During development comparisons with using more traditional
methods were used as controls, achieving accuracy measurements of up to around 95%.

We are also able to determine the likely further deterioration of cell function leading to symptoms being expressed by their response to known frequencies. These are displayed
as colour coded symbols, black is the worst where symptoms have been expressed.

During a scan spectral deviations are compared in a matrix for the best possible fit from
a comprehensive database of digital signatures. For areas of interest, corrective signals
are the inverse of those discovered. For effective strengthening action, we aim for up to around 80% improvement. The results of treatments are displayed with comparisons, immediately.

Remedies are also made on the spot that can be taken three to four times a day to
reinforce the sessions treatment.

Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky with girl wearing headphones
   All this in just under an hour, sitting comfortably while wearing a set of ‘headphones’ that contain the transducers and trigger sensors, connected to the computer.

Bugs and parasites are a little bit more difficult to eradicate and another technology where your DNA for remote protocols to zap them is used.

  A list of predominant bugs is obtained from the Hunter 4025 NLS. This list is used in Spooky2 to establish frequency sets for remote eradication. 

   The Spooky2 is the latest computer controlled Rife system that brings together over 40 yrs worth of research into ten searchable databases. Where a handy feature allows us to save custom frequency sets.

  For fine tuning a further bio-feedback scan is done using the Spooky2 interface, with the list of bugs we make a custom frequency set, we use later for remote zapping.

  The remote zapping protocol is run 24/7 over a three day period back at the lab.

  So now you have discovered the bugs that you are predisposed to or have had influence on you, this is a quick and convenient way, twice a year to make sure they are no longer there and if they are, eradicate them, safely.

  To summarise we have two technologies to scan and treat, each by themselves are evolutionary in their action and capabilities. 

Used together will allow us to thrive.

  How are sports people helped?

  Most of us just want to thrive but sports people want to excel. Their demands on the body are much more extreme.
Using this quick and convenient screening / treating protocol, reduces body stress and accelerates healing.

Your body then becomes less prone to injury during training periods. 
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 for sports

How do you know all this?

I did not always think this way about health and wellbeing. It took years during my road
back to health to rethink and retrain, with a special interest in pain management, nerve regeneration and restoration of limb function, without drugs, without surgery and without having to do painful exercises. 

Yes, I manage a chronic health condition, yes the Hunter picked it up, yes its displayed on
the computer screen in black but that’s a story for another time...

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The manuals for the Hunter 4025 NLS are available to download for Free from my website by entering you email address here.
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