Amazing Health Tech for the Health Check Extra

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How technology can help when your
body needs more than just a helping hand.

Health Check Extra - Instant Health Insights and Treatments

Information from your brain  can now be decoded in such a way that
health screening, remedies and treatments can now be accomplished on the spot.

The safe, quick and convenient way to shine a light on diseases.

Where a bug and parasite cleanse takes only a few days longer...

 Welcome to the world of Frequency Medicine
where you no longer have to wait for your test results to eventually arrive...

Our mental capacity includes information about our physical body, all our systems are inter connected and now we can decode those signals to benefit us with better health.
Health Check Extra the Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 ideas stem from plants
   The ideas stem from studying  plants, (pardon the pun) how small magnetic fields measured in Angstroms can create measurable effects and recordings were made of their digital signatures.

  There are great concerns raised when telephone masts are erected close to where we live, we like the convenience of mobile phones but don’t like to think about the degenerative effect on our health.
Its another toxic load from the environment our bodies have to cope with.

But what if there are beneficial frequencies that we can actually use, safely!!

We know sound has an effect on our mood, just listen to your favourite music that 
makes you feel good.

Researchers have been working tirelessly on these aspects for generations, building 
on the ideas from Tesla, J Lakhovsky, Rife, Reinhold Voll, Bob Beck and Hulda Clark have 
all helped increase our understanding of how to use frequencies to reduce our 
bodies toxic load to improve our health.

  We know the frequencies that help us, that can entrain improvements, we know the mortal oscillation rates for bugs that harm us.

  The problem was how can we determine and introduce those frequencies into our body in a safe, quick and convenient way.
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 frequencies and waves

The work of Valdimir Nesterov and his team helps to solve this with their Non Linear Scanning (NLS) technology. During development comparisons with using more traditional
methods were used as controls, achieving accuracy measurements of up to around 95%.

We are also able to determine the likely further deterioration of cell function leading to symptoms being expressed by their response to known frequencies. These are displayed
as colour coded symbols, black is the worst where symptoms have been expressed.

During a scan spectral deviations are compared in a matrix for the best possible fit from
a comprehensive database of digital signatures. For areas of interest, corrective signals
are the inverse of those discovered. For effective strengthening action, we aim for up to around 80% improvement. The results of treatments are displayed with comparisons, immediately.

Remedies are also made on the spot that can be taken three to four times a day to
reinforce the sessions treatment.

Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky with girl wearing headphones
   All this in just under an hour, sitting comfortably while wearing a set of ‘headphones’ that contain the transducers and trigger sensors, connected to the computer.

Bugs and parasites are a little bit more difficult to eradicate and another technology where your DNA for remote protocols to zap them is used.

  A list of predominant bugs is obtained from the Hunter 4025 NLS. This list is used in Spooky2 to establish frequency sets for remote eradication. 

   The Spooky2 is the latest computer controlled Rife system that brings together over 40 yrs worth of research into ten searchable databases. Where a handy feature allows us to save custom frequency sets.

  For fine tuning a further bio-feedback scan is done using the Spooky2 interface, with the list of bugs we make a custom frequency set, we use later for remote zapping.

  The remote zapping protocol is run 24/7 over a three day period back at the lab.

  So now you have discovered the bugs that you are predisposed to or have had influence on you, this is a quick and convenient way, twice a year to make sure they are no longer there and if they are, eradicate them, safely.

  To summarise we have two technologies to scan and treat, each by themselves are evolutionary in their action and capabilities. 

Used together will allow us to thrive.

  How are sports people helped?

  Most of us just want to thrive but sports people want to excel. Their demands on the body are much more extreme.
Using this quick and convenient screening / treating protocol, reduces body stress and accelerates healing.

Your body then becomes less prone to injury during training periods. 
Health Check Extra Hunter 4025 NLS and Spooky2 for sports

How do you know all this?

I did not always think this way about health and wellbeing. It took years during my road
back to health to rethink and retrain, with a special interest in pain management, nerve regeneration and restoration of limb function, without drugs, without surgery and without having to do painful exercises. 

Yes, I manage a chronic health condition, yes the Hunter picked it up, yes its displayed on
the computer screen in black but that’s a story for another time...

Please view, like and share my 60 sec story on youtube by clicking here.

The manuals for the Hunter 4025 NLS are available to download for Free from my website by entering you email address here.
Shine a light on disease for a healthier you, Call Kevin today on 01202 640264

'Scenar' in What Doctors Dont Tell You - Aug 2016

posted Aug 17, 2016, 1:11 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 9:10 AM ]

'Scenar' in What Doctors Dont Tell You - Aug 2016

I firmly believe my use of this technology has made my recovery possible. 

Loosing the use of my right arm and hand had a life changing effect on me, recovery was not straight forward with further complications in my back making it very difficult to even walk. Twelve years on, I have the use of my hand and arm back and can now manage and enjoy pub walks from 3 to 5 miles.   

The technology:
Very early on in the development of what has become known as SCENAR technology, the specialists at Denas figured out how to stimulate the body to restart the self recovery process to repair itself without having to use complex, expensive feedback circuits.

At the technical level, they know the unique shape of the waveform, the optimum frequencies and how the body responds. Denas then mimic what the SCENAR devices do, achieving similar results in a much more affordable way.

Ease of use:
Concentrating on ease of use they have also produced a range of devices and accessories making Acupuncture without Needles possible to ‘just treat’ at home.

Home therapy kits:
The Home Therapy kits DENAS PCM 3 has a range of  frequencies built in so you can ‘just treat’ 
at just £613 that includes delivery to the UK.

Shungite attachments:
And there is more as we also supply Shungite attachments.

Free Skype session:
With each order we include a Free 20mins Skype session and lifetime support by phone, email or skype.

So, for you to restart the self recovery process with Acupuncture without Needles, 
call Kevin today on 01202 640264 
and ask for your Home Therapy Kit.

Home Therapy Kit

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Your Home Therapy Kit
Acupuncture without Needles

Acupuncture without Needles is a safe, gentle, fast and drug free
way to stimulate your body to get out of pain.

Your home therapy kit comes with a complete set of attachments
and a choice of three devices from Denas. Entry level, Intermediate
and Advanced therapy devices offers the best flexibility of treatment
options making self treatment possible in the comfort of your own home.

At the moment my lower back hurts the most, difficult to reach but with the
stretchy strap and circular pad plugged in I was good to go for a twenty
minute treatment.

I have just received my entry level Denas 3 device with the full set of attachments and I must say I am 
Acupuncture without Needles Home Therapy Kit
impressed with the quality of
their new device and equipment.


Adaptive Neuro Stimulation is the key to keep those electronic pulses to continually relax muscles that promotes better blood flow
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation is the key
and rapidly releases those all important  'Feel Good' hormones that help you restart the recovery process.
Achieving amazing results every time.

Used by professi
onals, therapists and home users keen on sports
or for rehabilitation from chronic health conditions.

 No stranger to using Adaptive Neuro Stimulation based on the Scenar, RITM technologies, my first device was the AcuScen and I bought my first Denas a couple of years later, back in 2012, all still working today, producing amazing results.
Back then I did not think you could improve on the Denas offerings but they have, its safe, lightweight and a very comfortable fit in the hand.

In fact I am treating myself as I write this article, its a bit of a luxury to be
hands free and receiving a treatment. Moving around is also possible as the
circular pad is held comfortably in place with the black elasticated strap.

With this type of technology, with the device on and in contact
with your skin you are receiving a whole body treatment with
the effects felt immediately and lasting for several days.

The audible feedback is reassuring when you press a button. After turning
the Denas 3 on, select the time for a treatment, in this case twenty minutes
and then adjust the intensity until you  feel the gentle stimulation.

Then I looked at the manual, with clear pictures of the areas to treat, which
mode to use and length of treatment time, very easy to understand and
implement. It was only then I realised the manual was in Russian and that
helped explain some of the symbols on the device. A quick search on the
net, English manuals downloaded, all ready to go.

The Denas 3 is the entry level device for using attachments.  All I wanted was to be able to self treat by positioning pads on my back, the area that still hurts the most, I could think about upgrading the device later.
Acupuncture without Needles - Denas 3 Adaptive Neuro Stimulator

With three modes for treatment, its use is simplicity itself, the frequency of operation is on display along with a timer with the well known healing frequency of 77Hz selected when you switch the device on.

With a choice of three elasticated straps I chose the longest to wrap around my waist and with three body pads to chose from I picked the circular one.

With the pad in place and connected to the Denas 3.
I turned the device on, selected a twenty minute treatment time and adjusted the intensity to a comfortable level.

Adaptive Neuro Stimulation with googles
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation with footpad, Reflexology
I plan to also use the goggles for five minutes and the foot pad for fifteen minutes with an overall treatment time of forty minutes for this session.

The Denas 3 has three modes of operation, 77Hz, 1040Hz and Med. Pressing the mode button cycles through the modes. In general mode one is the most used, mode two for deep tissue, ligaments, knees, shoulders, elbows, buttocks and mode three is for toning or a Well Being treatment, gets those 'Feel Good' hormones going.

 There is also the familiar massage and hair attachments that come as standard in the pack, very effective when you follow the protocols to stimulate the meridians or Acupuncture trigger points.

With this type of technology you can do more if you know Acupuncture, Su Jok, Meridians, Reflexology or researched Bob Becks protocols or Hulda Clark's work.

These pads with the straps give you a convenient way to self treat large areas in the comfort of your own home, hands free.


Home Therapy Kit Massage attachments
 The two other  devices have more options to select from depending on the type
of treatment wanted.
Adaptive Neuro Stimulation for the back
With the PCM-3 with pre set programmes and High and L
ow frequency selection, means you can just treat without having
to learn the frequencies and timings first. The T3 with ten modes of operation
offers a versatile selection of options.
When you sele
ct a device to use bear in mind what  you want to use them for. Maximum flexibility
is with the top of the range advanced Denas
PCM 3, Spinal treatments, intermediate
Denas T3, entry level Denas 3, and the basic Lados.

The Denas 3 is the entry level device for use with attachments.
 All these devices come with a 24 month manufacturers warranty. Denas continually improve their technology with their last update in 2014.

As you experience and experiment with what this type of technology can do, you may want to consider an upgrade after a couple of years to their latest devices.

When you order from me at Q + Health you can be assured of prompt delivery with Life Time Support by phone, email or skype.

As an environmentally conscious company we only issue invoices on request.

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit the Bournemouth and Poole area
drop by and see the gadgets, maybe experience how you too can get out of pain.

These really do restart the self recovery process, 'Acupuncture with out Needles'.

New 2015 Express Health Check

posted Jul 30, 2015, 3:03 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Jan 8, 2016, 1:33 AM ]

The Express Health Check is an excellent system of bio-analysis giving instant health insights to effectively engage with improving your health using nutrition.

In today's modern world, under performing body systems and organs can now be identified giving you the opportunity to help and support them. Levels of Essential Minerals and Vital Vitamins are viewed immediately in a quick and convenient way so you no longer need to wait for symptoms of depletion diseases to appear.
Express Health Check for immeditate health insights
Express Health Check is a portable system
This Bio Analysis device forms the basis of the popular service the Express Health Check and Version Three has just arrived with updated graphics, increased number of reports and more detail.

The familiar sturdy flight box looks good with all the components fitting nicely into my rucksack, making it ideal for a mobile service.

With USB cables to connect to my Win XP laptop computer, cd, software dongle and the rod.
By holding the rod, in just under a minute we can check over two hundred key health markers with the results available immediately.

All connected with the software loaded, the updated graphics are sharper, much more of a modern look and pleasing to the eye.

The check is quickly over with, all the results are saved into one zip archive, now to review the summary report as this highlights the most at risk systems and has expert guidance notes.

Express Health Check for instant health insights
Express Health Check Summary report
The reports available with the latest version are:-
Summary, Cardio, Gastro, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Kidney, Lungs, Brain Nerve, Bones, Bone Mineral Density, Rheumatoid Bone Disease, Blood Sugar, Basic Physical Qualities, Human Toxins, Trace Elements, Prostrate, Male Sexual Function, Skin,  Endocrine System, Immune System, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Bone Growth index, Eye, Heavy Metals, Allergy, CoEnzyme, Obesity, Collagen, Large Intestine, Thyroid, Channels and Collaterals, Pulse of Heart and Brain, Blood Lipids, Sperm, Gynecology, Breast, Menstrual Cycle and Element of Human. Depending if you are a male or female.

 The immense amount of detailed information makes for a good long read.

The reports now boast a much easier to read bar graph with the green area in the middle indicating what to aim for to bring your body back into balance.

Reports are available immediately
  One of the new reports that caught my eye is the Channels and Collaterals, more commonly known as the Meridian system.

Those familiar with Acupuncture, TCM or SuJok, will be familiar with the terms and from my work with 'Acupuncture without Needles'.

Stimulating these channels correctly with the Denas devices could be another effective way to bring about balance.
Express Health Check includes a new Meridian report

Express Health Check now able to compare reports
 Another handy feature is the ability to compare results from two reports.

In my private practice there is only so much information you can absorb during a session and over the years I have discovered the best reports to initially work through.

This is available to you for Free in my Practitioners Guide when you purchase your new Bio Analysis system.

As an added bonus, you also receive lifetime support by phone, email or skype as you enter the exciting field of Bio Magnetic Resonance.

Non invasive testing / analysis is not new, but innovations in technology are making it more accessible and simpler to use as we gain a better understanding of how are Light - Electro - Bio systems functions in a holistic way.

Bio Magnetic Resonance machines are being developed for testing and analysis for educational purposes only.

Express Health Check Practitioners Guide
Impressive results are achieved when we realise we are living with sub clinical health conditions
and putting up with poor health that stems from depleted minerals and vitamins.

These symptoms are quickly alleviated with the use of supplements at safe therapeutic levels
following guidelines as advised by Orthomolecular Medicine.
Big thanks to Andrew Saul and all those at

With nutrition you can expect to feel the results in around three weeks.

So if you are feeling out of sorts or under par then why not treat yourself to an
Express Health Check and discover
what's really going on... on the inside...

Mega Vitamin Course by Andrew Saul - March 2015

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Mega Vitamin Course by Andrew Saul

This course is run by Andrew Saul the Mega Vitamin Man video is being made here

Starting on March 1st 2015.

Andrew W. Saul, the "Megavitamin Man," has 38 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website,, is peer reviewed and the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.

On my journey I was lucky enough to be able to manage my pain with Adaptive Neuro Stimulators. When studying for my ITEC diploma, with a particular interest in nerve regeneration and pain management, I discovered and that was my introduction to using massive amounts of essential minerals and vital vitamins or following the ideas behind Orthomolecular Medicine to get myself better.

I then wanted a way to be able to measure the changes that I could feel. After many wearying and disapointing trips to London, trying various expensive measuring devices I had nearly given up hope that such a device had been invented yet.

And then I got word of a new device recently brought into the UK and developed in China. By holding a rod, in just under a minute the Express Health Check quickly identifies the essential minerals and vital minerals your body needs among the other two hundred or so health markers measured.

In just under a minute we can discover what's going on... on the inside!! with the results available immediately that we can read in a web browser and send as an email.

Well that meant I could bridge the nutrition gap by measuring what I could do something about and my monthly supplementaiton bill went down, not just by a bit but by a lot!!!

Since then I have helped family and friends in Dorset, from Bridport to Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset and over to Lymington in the New Forest, Hampshire with their quests for better health.

My 21 day challenge

posted Jan 29, 2015, 2:53 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Feb 9, 2015, 5:42 AM ]

    My 21 day challenge

    I had started to experiment with raw protein mixes towards the end of last year and recently tried Hemp protein and was pleasantly surprised, that after a week, to feel that I felt fuller for longer.

    I then ordered some Spirulena, Wheatgrass and some B Vitamin & Mineral complex. I already had L-Ascorbic Acid (Pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C) and Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking powder) and some Warrior Blend. (that I was not too keen on, I prefer a more earthier taste)

    To begin with I just had the Hemp protein mixed with water once or twice a day, sometimes mixed with Vit C and I found I was feeling fuller for longer and not especially hungry at meal times and started to skip them, even the evening meals and snacks after watching TV around 9pm became a memory.

    So I started to think what if I could do this for 21 days... How would I feel? Could I drop a Jean size...? All without feeling hungry or wanting to snack or feeling I have denied myself a lovely tasty meal...

    After some more experimentation and a bit of planning I now do some juicing, part fasting, part eating, all without those annoying hunger pangs that have destroyed previous weight management programmes. The best one was with NutriChef, very tasty and varied meals.

    I do have my drinks around the same times each day, with drinks of water in between and even when I forget, its no big deal.

    Then I compared some reports from the Express Health Check of two months ago. In the Amino Acids report they were all up, especially Arginine. Knowing a bit about what Arginine does for the circulatory system I checked that report out as well and my Vascular Elasticity was back into normal, reversing hardening of the Arteries.

    Now this I was very pleased about and set about giving myself an extreme 21 day challenge.

My challenge for the next 21 days is to:-
       do some juicing, part fasting, part eating
        with the desired outcome for weight loss.
         I also give myself permission to eat and drink when I feel I want to.

    And with a bit of luck should drop a jean size...

    I also understand to expect some slight headaches and tummy pangs as my body goes through some of these beneficial changes for weight loss.

Are you getting enough...

posted Jan 15, 2015, 1:01 AM by Kevin Davies   [ updated Dec 29, 2015, 7:32 AM ]

Are you getting enough... Vitamin C? that is...

It may sound like a strange question until you actually measure how much your body has.

There is a lot that goes wrong and gets broken health wise, when your body is hungry for essential minerals and vital vitamins.

So if you feel out of sorts or under par, just spend five minutes today reading my report on how much you really need when you are not getting enough... Vitamin C that is.

Enter your details here to download your FREE Vitamin C Guide.
Vitamin C Guide by Kevin Davies

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