Express Health Check
Bio Analysis for Immediate Health Insights
When you want to know whats going on....
           on the inside...

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 Large Only £224
Small Only £175

Complete kit includes the Practitioner Guide and lifetime use of the name Express Health Check and lifetime support.

Latest Software Version:
V4.00 August 2016, click here for the video

March V3.99 2015
3 with software v3.9.6 now available for MS Windows from XP and is known to work on Apple.

Bio Analyser, Computer Software, Rod, USB cable and English instruction manual.
Reports are available immediately

Bio Analysis system for the Express Health Check
 Order with confidence by bank transfer or by paypal.

If this is your first order with me, I will only accept payment by paypal and will only deliver to your paypal verified address.

Electronic invoices only issued on request.

We order from our suppliers around the 20th of each month, payment accepted with order and needs to be completed by the 18th of each month.
2 Bio Analysis for the Express Health Check
 I have sourced two models, a large one and a small one.
Both use exactly the same software.
Large is £224, small is £175.
Bio Magnetic Resonance device
This is in a sturdy, lightweight flight case. £224

Bio Magetic Tester small
And the small one has a handy case as well. £175

3 Bio Analysis for the Express Health Check
 Delivery is 15 to 28 days and included in the price for UK mainland.
Please email me for International deliveries, these will take a bit longer and cost a bit more.

Earlier versio
ns available on request, an ideal entry price from £
Bio Analysis with Express Health Check v1
120 delivered to your door, includes the Practitioner Guide and lifetime use of the name Express Health Check.

If you want to evaluate how this will work in your practice a months hire is available for £70. A portion of which can go towards the purchase of a new system when ordered within seven days of return.

With each order we confirm stock availability and keep you informed by email on each step of the shipping process.

Lifetime Support is available by email, telephone or skype.
Computer support is with the remote control software TeamViewer.
A computer is not included.

If you are in the health field a holistic practitioner, health coach, personal trainer or qualified nutritionist and familiar with this system, working from home or your clinic then we want to hear from you.
Some clients need further help and guidance once they have had their results and this could be you.

Bio-Analysis products are for educational use only.

You can review the latest Practitioner Guide by entering your email address here.

Practitioners Guide

Express Health Check Bio Analysis system

“This is without doubt the best system out there for what you get. By knowing what is out of balance and taking simple steps has helped me get well again”. New Milton

 “I have been suffering from Arthritis for years, with the help of the Express Health Check we found out what my body needed. After only a few weeks of piling in the good stuff, I was able to tell my Doctor I was PAIN FREE”. Bournemouth.

“ I was not feeling right for several years after my husband died, after my quick check we found out what I needed and after only a few weeks I was right as rain again” New Milton.

“I have been trying to control my Diabetes through diet and was finding it very difficult. After the check up it was clear what my body needed. I don't struggle any more and the signs of ever having diabetes have vanished.” Poole.

“I have not found anything else that has engaged me with my health so effectively. In my family, heart and circulatory system problems have been troublesome. After my health check I was able to take measures that has reversed hardening of my arteries. I can now look forward with optimism to my future.” Highcliffe