Express Health Check

Bridge the Nutrition Gap
by doing something about what you can measure...

In just under a minute we can discover what's going on... on the inside!!

Essential Mineral and vital Vitamin levels can now be clearly measured before the symptoms of deficiency diseases appear.

And by using Food State supplements give your body the
best chance to achieve optimum Nutrition.

Use our popular two star Baseline package to quickly identify more than just your essential mineral and vital vitamin levels.

Choose the package that's right for you...
Establish your baseline with our best value two star reports you can count on or take advantage of our premium five star service in the comfort of your own home.
Express Health Check
from £10
Reports are avialbale
immediately that can also
be emailed to you
Available at: BonlifeUK, Ashley Rd. BH14 0AP

 Check Up
 £10 £15
One Star Check Up
Two Star Baseline Package
Three Star Standard Pagckage
 Introduction Best value
Full report
 Our entry level package introducing you to your essential mineral and vital vitamin reports.  Includes everything from the Check Up, plus Cardio, Liver, PH Balance, Amino Acids and Immune System reports.  Full report covering over two hundred key health markers.
 No appointment necessary. Booking in advance available.
 Reports are available immediately that can be emailed to you or copied on to a USB stick.
 Does not include our suggested £5 donation to our local charity Riding for the Disabled.

 Stellar Premium
 £38 £48
From £48
Four Star Stellar Package
Five Star Premium Package

Five Star Premium Home Visits
We review a selection of key Health Markers from your full report
in a 20 minute session over the phone.
We introduce you to a selection of key
Health Markers from
your full report in a
20 minute session
on the day.
Experience the premium
Express Health Check in a
half hour session in the comfort
of your own home.
Advanced booking required as places are limited.
Payment is required at time of booking.
Longer sessions are available charged at £10 in blocks of 10mins.
Includes £5 suggested donation to our local charity Riding for the disabled.

Juicing as Jason Vale at JuiceMaster puts it 'Can the solution really be that simple?'
When you don't want to juice there's Food State Supplements.
And with your Express Health Check you have the best way to improve on what you can measure.
Making it easy for you to see the difference that a
change of lifestyle, diet or supplements can do.

For your appointment call Kevin today on 01202 640264

One of the most interesting discoveries you can find out about yourself today!!

Student of Orthomolecular Medicine - Andrew Saul
Mega Vitamins - March 2015

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