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DENAS – MS Corporation for

fast pain relief without drugs.

New in 2011

In our electro-chemical bodies the stimulation provided by this adaptive technology helps to balance your flow of energy or in a nutshell DENAS physiotherapy, gentle massage for pain relief that can be used at home.

The new DENAS improves on their previous models of the popular Denas and DiaDENS, with three modes of operation.

Easy to hold and designed with simplicity of use in mind.

Hand held, battery operated, with a back lit LCD screen, speaker, timer, Therapeutic modes at 77Hz and 140Hz and Test mode at 10Hz with a connector for a number of external attachments including a face, hair and pencil probe.

Denas New from qplushealth.co.uk

The informative back lit LCD screen displays: Intensity, Contact with Skin, Battery Level, Sound Level, Timer On, Mode, External Probe, Timer.

Three modes, Test - 10Hz, Mode 1 - 77Hz, Mode 2 - 140Hz.

Pre-set timer settings for 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes.

To use, Select the area to treat, Turn the Denas New on, Select a therapy mode, place on the skin, adjust the intensity to a comfortable level. Adjust the intensity as necessary during treatment.

Massage the area by moving the DENAS New slowly over the treatment area, in straight lines or circular motion with varying degrees of pressure.

New Denas Face, Hair and pencil probes

On completion of a session remain relaxed for another 10 to 15 minutes. Remember to drink water.

All the devices have the CE mark 0483 and have the manufacturers guarantee of 24 months.

Denas New with Face, Hair and Pencil probes £426

Denas Lados

Denas Lados from qplushealth.co.uk
The Lados is even smaller with three modes of operation gentle, intense, ramped.
Mode 1 - Randomised 75 to 135Hz, Mode 2 - Pulsed 77Hz, Mode 3 - Pulsed 125Hz with the intensity ramped every second.
Denas Lados in hand from qplushealth.co.uk

The LCD screen displays Intensity, Contact with Skin, Battery Level, Timer, Mode

Denas Lados £304

DiaDENS Cardio

DiaDENS Cardio from qplushealth.co.uk
If you suffer from high blood pressure then this will be for you.

Place the DiaDENS Cardio on your wrist for five to seven minutes.

The DiaDENS Cardio then gets to work stimulating the acupuncture points on the wrist for blood pressure regulation.

Treatment sessions to start with can be up to two times a day for the first fifteen days, then once a month with a 20-30 minutes relaxation after each session.

Denas Cardio on wrist from qplushealth.co.uk
The device works at 9.2 Hz and 10 Hz regimes which change automatically during each session.

A specially developed “77 10” mode aides relaxation.

Its highly recommended to keep a diary of your blood pressure three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening.

LCD displays: Skin Contact, Battery Level, Treatment Progress.

DiaDENS Cardio £250

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