Amazing Health Tech Helps make self recovery easy

We only have one body
and it may need more than just a helping hand...

     If you, like me, find slowing the signs of aging, increasing power and vitality without having to use drugs, or do painful exercises, interesting, then the next ten minutes could be the best information you have come across all year as you discover how innovations in technology, available today can help.
Every day aches and pains can go away using Adaptive Neuro Stimulation, Acupuncture without Needles

     We all know that with the correct application of Acupuncture, our bodies can be stimulated to repair itself, however using needles puts a lot of people off, denying them the chance to experience the many benefits from this type of treatment.

But what if there was another way...?

With Acupuncture without Needles there is
    No need to use drugs
    No need for surgery
    No need to do painful exercises

Denas T3 Adaptive Neuro Stimulator
Acupuncture without Needles is a fast, gentle and safe way to stimulate your body to help restart the self recovery process. 

Used by professionals, therapists and home users keen on sports or
for rehabilitation from chronic health conditions.


Before meeting Kevin, I was in excruciating pain, walking with a stick and was just existing from day to day by taking 15 painkillers and still not getting any relief .
My life had ended as far as I was concerned.

People don't realise that pain can be so dilapidating and literally ruin lives. But that all changed.

Since having SCENAR treatments with Kevin I am PAIN FREE, and WALKING without a stick, working and functioning again within normal family life.

I know this sounds too good to be true and if I hadn't experienced it for myself I would probably question the results.

I tried it as I was desperate and it was my last hope and it literally has bought me back to life!!

Thank you kev!!" Throop, Bournemouth.


Couple that with the well known benefits of Shungite, therapists have a unique effective way to treat their clients.
Accu-Stones, Denas T3 with Shungite attachments
Accu Zones home therapy kits

Increase the treatment area and make it more convenient to use and now you can own your very own home therapy kit.


“I have not found anything else that has
engaged me with my health so effectively.

In my family, heart and circulatory system
problems have been troublesome.

After my health check I was able to take
measures that has reversed hardening of my

I can now look forward with optimism to my future.” Highcliffe

Express Health Check measures, within a minute, over 200 hundred health markers, including Essential Minerals and Vital Vitamins levels. Making the cause of depletion diseases easy to find and treat even before symptoms appear. 

The results are available immediately.
    No need for time consuming, costly blood tests!!
Reports available immediately

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    No purchase required
    No strings attached
    No lengthy forms to fill out
And lasts forever...

Added Bonus
From my continuing studies in Orthomolecular Medicine, March 2015, I have produced a 'Vitamin C Guide' that is now available to you for FREE.

After all its your body, and working with better health ideas is probably better than trying to find a cure.

So, it may be time to take better care of what you have.

For more information call Kevin today on 01202 640264.