AcuScen Range

AcuScen is a small, pocket size, portable device with bio-feedback used for pain relief. Designed to stimulate the body in the various stages of healing from an injury so you get better quicker. Each model has various modes of operation with the top of the range AcuScen Pro+ being the most versatile.

The three models in the AcuScen range are:
  • AcuScen Pro+ for £1,249
  • AcuScen Premium for £939
  • AcuScen Auto for £760
The AcuScen Pro+ is the most versatile with five modes of operation and is ideal for use by a therapist. The AcuScen Premium model with three modes of operation is ideal to help manage chronic pain conditions and for those injured in sports. A unique setting for the AcuScen Pro+ and AcuScen Premium is the “Double Var” mode for use when the problem is deep inside the skin or muscles.
The AcuScen Auto, with one mode of operation is ideal for those who are in sports and suffer from common injuries, training injuries and those with debilitating aches and pains. Eg frozen shoulder, tennis elbow etc. In some cases, AcuScen is a vital part of their first aid kit. There are also 9 optional external electrodes / attachments.

Certified by British Standards Institute (BSI) for pain relief CE 0086
Conformity no: CE 547521 2009.
Two high quality medical steel electrodes at 90 degrees to each other, one at the end the other underneath.
LCD back lighted display.
Time delayed readout.
LED Indicator.
External electrode connector.
Battery operated. Two AA re-chargeable batteries.
Low battery indication.
Compact ergonomic design. Fits naturally into the hand.
High manufacturing standards and dependability.
18 months manufacturers warranty with prompt exchange to a new device.
Manufacturers manual.
Video instructions on DVD.
9 optional external electrodes / attachments.
Foam padded sturdy plastic case.
4 AA re-chargeable batteries.
10 Sterets to clean electrodes.
 AcuScen Pro+             Price £1,249
Five modes of operation:
    Manual, Auto, Double Variable (DVAR), Scan, Mio-Stimulation.
5 Programmable memory locations.
 AcuScen Premium      Price £939
Three modes of operation:
    Manual, Auto, Double Variable (DVAR).
3 Programmable memory locations.
 AcuScen Auto             Price £760
One mode of operation:

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