Frequently Asked Questions

What is AcuScen?

AcuScen is Accupuncture without needles, gently stimulating your body to heal itself. A portable health management device, delivering electrical pulse therapy that can be used by consumers, health care professionals and therapists.

Why should I use AcuScen?

AcuScen has a unique set of features to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Bio-Feedback, variable Frequency and variable Depth. Following and AcuScen treatment session typically 80 - 90% of patients treated reported an improvement in their condition.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we do. We use google checkout, we dont hold any credit card details on our system.
We comply with google policys. Products are typically delivered within 21 days of purchase.
Google check out is efficient, fast and a secure way to pay for treatments, services, products and gift vouchers.

What does AcuScen stand for?

Adaptive Compact Universal Self Correcting Electro Neuro-Stimulator. Safe, Non Invasive, Drug Free pain relief.

How does AcuScen work on the body?

AcuScen delivers electrical pulses similar to the body's own natural pulses to help normalise cell function. AcuScen treatments can have vigorous biological effects that may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions.

Who can apply AcuScen therapy?

The science and technology that make AcuScen work is very complicated and has taken decades to develop. However the application of a treatment remains straight forward and can be used by consumers, health care professionals and therapists. To avoid cross-infection the electrodes should be cleaned before and after use with sterets.

Does AcuScen treatments cause any side effects?

No, however some precautions should be taken if you are pregnant and do not use if you have implanted electrical equipment such as a pacemaker.

Are AcuScen treatments painful?

No, You should only feel a gentle tingling sensation as a confidence booster that treatment is underway. As this is a therapy that supports your body's natural functions, plenty of water should be taken before and after treatments. With all therapies of this type you may experience a 'healing crisis' where the condition seems to get worse, this will soon pass.

Is there a maximum time limit for an AcuScen treatment?

It is safe to use the product for up to 40 minutes with a gap of a minimum of three hours between treatments. It is also recommended not to drive for ten minutes after a treatment.

Does AcuScen have the CE mark?

AcuScen has undergone extensive trials. The product has the CE mark and has a certificate of conformity from the British Standards Institute number CE 547521, meeting the requirements of council directive 93/42/EEC, Annex IV, Section 4 for electrical stimulator's for pain relief.

How Can I Help?

We need your help and sponsors to get AcuScen on the map. Advocates, Presenters, Teachers, Therapy rooms, Case Studies, etc.
Although AcuScen therapy is based on similar principles as SCENAR, AcuScen is an improvement on SCENAR.
So we need professionals in their fields to collaborate, to build on what has been learned from using SCENAR to bring this type of treatment up to date and take advantage of continuing technological advances.
With the necessary research evidence we can then gain
acceptance of this type of treatment for health care in the UK.
So dont hang about, act today, wouldn't you prefer to reap the benefits of having a safe, non invasive, drug free AcuScen power treatment.