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The usual early warning signs of looming medical problems are
pains, symptoms and the body's loss of ability to heal itself.

Advanced Technology for
Targeted Pain Relief
Acupuncture without needles.

Variable Intensity
Variable Frequencies
Constant Results 
AcuScen helps relieve muscle pain
that stops you from moving.
Either from an accident, sports injury
or chronic long term condition

This holistic treatment relaxes muscles,
improves blood flow,
improves muscle tone and
starts the release of 'Feel Good' hormones.

AcuScen Power treatments
acupuncture without needles
gives you your life back.

Complementry Therapies:
Reiki, EFT, AcuScen Power treatments.

To find out more on how an Acuscen Power treatment
can help you call or click here to book an apointment.
not able to come to us, no problem we can come to you.

Now you have the chance to give yourself an opportunity to enjoy life again, take control of your life with AcuScen Power treatments that work to beat pain and restore function to bring you lasting relief.

"Our vision to be recognised as the first choice in affordable,
innovative and drug free technology"

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