Acupuncture without Needles
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Accu-Zones Collection
With pre set protocols
so you can Just Treat.

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AccuZone Eye Care
Accu-Zone Sports Active
Accu-Zone Foot Energiser
  Eye Care £405  Sports Active £390 Foot Energiser £410

With factory pre set protocols for:
Back, Joints, Head, Hypertension, Hypotonia, Trauma, Cold, Throat, Cough, Nausea, Inflation,Constipation.

Conditions treatable:
Allergy, Pain, Severe Pain, Bloating, Neuro-Circulatory Dystonia, Gynecologic Pain, Gynaecology, Hypertension, Hypotonia, Head, Throat, Diarrhea, Gastro-Intestinal Pain, Constipation, Cough, Muscles, Cold, Potency, Kidneys, Back, Joints, Nausea, Trauma, Asthma.

Giving you a head start to 'Just Treat' without having to initially know about using High or Low frequencies and timing protocols.

Acupuncture without Needles is a safe, gentle, fast and drug free way to stimulate your body to get out of pain and restart your recovery process.

Adaptive Neuro Stimulation is the key to keep those electronic pulses to continually relax muscles that promotes better blood flow and rapidly releases those all important 'Feel Good' hormones that get you out of pain and help to restart your recovery process.

Used by professionals, therapists and home users keen on sports or
for rehabilitation from chronic health conditions.

The advanced functions on the Denas PCM 3 give you the best treatment options that are just not available on other devices.

To use: Select the area to treat, Turn the Denas PCM 3 on, Select a therapy mode, place on the skin adjust the intensity to a comfortable level. Adjust the intensity as necessary during treatment.

Then massage the area by moving the device slowly over the treatment area, in straight lines or circular motions.

On completion of a session remain relaxed for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Remember to drink water before and after each session.
For Adults in good shape up to three, 20 minute sessions a day.

The Manual is in Russian, English and German with the English electronic version available here.

Denas PCM e Manual

Manufacturers guarantee for 24 months.

Extended Warranty available for one year from £120

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