My name is Kevin Davies, I started Q+Health as a result of health challenges from 2004. The therapies that have helped me the most are the ones I now practice.

Completed studies in Orthomolecular Medicine with Andrew Saul, March 2015.

Actively promoting the Express Health Check. A quick, non invasive way to better understand in non technical jargon how their body balance can be restored using nutrition as the guiding principles for prevention and health restoration.

Distributor for Denas MS for their range of SCENAR like, Acupuncture without Needles - Adaptive Neuro Stimulators for fast acting, drug free pain relief. 

Distributor for the Bio Analysis system used in the Express Health Check.
Distributor for Denas for the adaptive neuro stimulators used for Acupuncture without Needles.

The therapies are Reiki, EFT and AcuScen Power treatments Acupuncture without Needles for fast, drug free pain relief.

Practicing Reiki, EFT and AcuScen is a completely new start for me, although I had been interested in complementary therapies from 2001, my former trade was in IT and a big fan of open source software, I use Ubuntu on the desktop and server.

For ITEC and Reiki, studied at Stella Chenery's  Serenity school of
2009 ITEC level 3, May - Oct 2009, Anatomy and Physiology leading on to sports therapy.
2009 Reiki Level 2

My tutor with EFT is Stephen Coburn at Inspiration Plus.
Level 1 January 2009, Level 2 April 2009

I bought my first AcuScen Pro + January 2009, and have spent many hours learning and self treating. My tutor and therapist with AcuScen is Jo Gordon RGN, formerly of Aesculus Clinic, Poole.

Insured to practice Reiki, EFT and AcuScen with Holistic Insurance Services.
Member of the Complementary Therapists Association,

The other Associations I am considering joining are:-
The association of energy therapists.
The British complementary medicine association.

International Scenar Technology Association

I do voluntary work for:-
Expert Patient Program (CRB Checked)
Dorset Blind (CRB Checked)

I practice Tai Chi with Marc Ditcher amongst other exercises.