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Express Health Check - Bio Analysis

Bio Analysis System
Express Health Check - bio analysis

Essential Mineral and vital Vitamin levels can now be clearly measured
before the symptoms of deficiency diseases appear.

  • Rule out guesses.
  • Identify root causes.

    Bio Analysis System

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  • Bridge the Nutrition gap by doing something about what you can measure...
  • Summary report for most at risk body systems.
Your check up with the Express Health Check is simply the safest, quickest way to find out.

Safe and quick bio analysis makes this ideal for Home or Clinic use.

Reports include: Mineral and Vitamin levels, Acid / Alkaline balance, Immune System and over two hundred key health markers.

Make this system part of your practice to guide your clients to better health with preventative measures laying the foundations for nutrition to be part of their continued good health program making you as strong as you can be on the inside.

Clinic or Practice use includes the Practitioner getting started guide.

“I have been suffering from Arthritis for years, with the help of the Express Health Check we found out what my body needed. After only a few weeks of piling in the good stuff, I was able to tell my Doctor I was PAIN FREE”

“ I was not feeling right for several years after my husband died, after my quick check we found out what I needed and after only a few weeks I was right as rain again” New Milton.

“I have been trying to control my Diabetes through diet and was finding it very difficult. After the check up it was clear what my body needed. I don't struggle any more and the signs of ever having diabetes have vanished.” Poole.

“I have not found anything else that has engaged me with my health so effectively. In my family, heart and circulatory system problems have been troublesome. After my health check I was able to take measures that has reversed hardening of my arteries
. I can now look forward with optimism to my future.” Highcliffe
Express Health Check
from £10
Reports are available
immediately that can also
be emailed to you. 
Available at BonlifeUK,
Ashley Rd. BH14 0AP

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One of the most interesting discoveries you can find out about yourself today!!

Student of Orthomolecular Medicine - Andrew Saul
Mega Vitamins - March 2015

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